Curts Smokin Ribs Authentic Wood-Fired BBQ
Authentic Wood-Fired BBQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How big is a rack of ribs?

    Our baby back ribs are usually between 12 and 13 bones.

  2. How many people can a rack of ribs feed?

    It usually feeds 2 adults or 3 teenage girls.

  3. How do you cook your ribs?

    They are dry rubbed the day before we grill them and finished in the oven. They are served with or without our wonderful BBQ sauce.

  4. What kinds of sauce do you have?

    We have four different kinds of sauces:
    • a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce (our main sauce)
    • a vinegar/ketchup based Carolina-style sauce
    • Chipotle sauce (home-smoked jalapenos and fresh herbs mixed with our main sauce) - Mildly Spicy
    • Honey Habenero (smoked habeneros mixed with honey & our base sauce) - HOT!

  5. What is brisket?

    Brisket is the chest muscle of a steer, generally considered to be a very tough cut of beef, although the way we prepare it makes it a tender, delicious, unique, flavorful treat.

  6. How do you prepare your brisket?

    The brisket is dry rubbed the day before we smoke it. It is slow smoked for 9 hours then it spends an additional 11 hours in a "soft oven" to finish a wonderful unique product.

  7. What do you use to smoke your food?

    We use a combination of oak and hickory logs for all of our cookin'.

  8. Is your chicken barbequed?

    Our chicken is dry rubbed then grilled over an oak and hickory fire and finished in the oven. It served with or without sauce.

  9. How is the pulled pork prepared ?

    The pork is also dry rubbed the day before we smoke it. It is slow smoked for 9 hours then it spends an additional 4 hours in a "soft oven" before we hand pull it. It is served mixed with a light BBQ sauce.

  10. What are boneless ribs?

    Boneless ribs are actual rib meat off the bone supplemented with shoulder meat that has been cooked in the same manner as the ribs.

  11. What is pulled chicken?

    Pulled chicken is chicken meat taken from the bone and mixed with a light BBQ sauce.

  12. What kind of side dishes do you have?

    All of our sides are homemade. They include:
    • potato salad
    • macaroni salad
    • coleslaw
    • horseradish slaw
    • smokehouse baked beans

  13. Do you do caterin'?

    Yes, we cater and can customize to your specific needs(includin' many items not on our regular menu). Please see our caterin' page for additional information.

  14. Where are you located?

    We are located in Mill Hall at the intersection of PA-150 and Pennsylvania Avenue (just off Hogan Blvd.).

  15. Do you have seatin' or is all the food take out?

    We now have indoor seatin' in addition to our picnic tables under the tent on our patio next to the BBQ pit.